To overcome the challenges faced due to merger of companies, i-doc provided a hybrid solution to this client that offered a custom-made Document Management System, a Digital Library and management of an HRMS.

The merger of its Rajarhat, Kolkata branch with 6 more Indian companies called for the need for a single platform for the preservation of documents.

The merger brought with it the backbreaking task of a unified platform to warehouse data from different respects, from the different companies who were a part of the merger.

Initially, the organization resorted to the Autodesk server to cater to this, but it had various limitations. The lack of a version control feature, accommodation of all file types, especially those pertaining to drawings and graphics, the inability to preserve high-resolution photos for projects, and the tracking of attendance records of all the employees, from all the merged companies were obstacles that had to be overcome.

The search criteria were weak and so was the scope of systematic archival. E-mail collaboration made document searching extremely difficult as documents got lost in a maze of folders and sub-folders. The challenges associated were unique, and so were the solutions to them.

The Somnetics IT team created a customized Document Management System based on the i-doc platform, with the interface aligned with the needs of the client.

An on-site team developed the solution at the Rajarhat premises within a few months. The management of a digital library was covered by the incorporation of i-lib as a separate module. To address the problems of attendance tracking, a Human Resource Management System and biometric devices were provided to register and track the attendance across the companies. 

An HRMS account was created for each employee, for them to view their records, while the HR departments had administrative rights over all accounts.

With its reliable IT expertise and unique products and solutions, Somnetics could successfully resolve the multidimensional issues faced by its distinguished customer.



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