When a business makes investments, it does so in order to gain a return from it. Return on Investment (ROI) is nothing but the measure of probability of the return. A good investment is considered to be one which increases this probability and here are some factors to highlight on why you should invest in i-doc.

Factors for great ROI of i-doc

No yearly renewal charges

i-doc comes with perpetual licensing valid for 5 years. While most of its competitors require an annual renewal, i-doc proves to be highly cost-effective as it does not require an annual renewal.

Long Term Support (LTS) Mechanism

To safeguard the investment of our clients, we believe in providing a reliable and round-the-clock post-sales support. Our team of dedicated Support Engineers ensure that our clients are covered, throughout the life-cycle of the purchased license.

Open Source Technology

One of the major advantages to ROI with an open source software is simple license management. It allows for no perpetual licensing for database and other programs. i-doc also allows easily scalability to consolidate and achieve more from less.

Open source is a good investment in the future as solutions are increasingly built predominantly on such a platform.

Future proof technology

A smart investment is one which is built for tomorrow and not just for today. i-doc uses state of the art technology and software framework that guarantees low redundancy in future, in case of a major technological shift.

Easy customization and integration with legacy software

A major business benefit and a great boost to ROI is the ability of i-doc to integrate with the existing systems of the client. This protects the client's investment as the client does not need to purchase new applications to meet business requirements. Also, i-doc can be highly customized to meet the various requirements of a client, which again translates into major benefits as the customer does not require to purchase different tools or deal with different vendors to have these requirements met.



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