As the saying goes, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." It is truest to collaboration when a team, multiple teams and stakeholders have to work together. Communication and transparency are vital to effective collaboration, and with participating members working from different locations. Also, a smart tool allows control over the degree of access, allowing third parties to participate in the process without compromising the security.

i-doc enables users to access, share, view and change files with ease, as well as communicate and collaborate, thereby enhancing collaboration and reducing hindrances to productivity.

Collaboration Features of i-doc

Chat facility to converse in a closed forum, say for a project team or a department

Chat facility in an open forum for all registered users

Generate email on task assignment to get response through a response mail in i-doc

Reviewing/commenting on a submitted document/drawing by all reviewers in parallel

Annotation feature to capture comments on documents/drawings online and a preview of all the comments in a comments trail

Review and approval of uploaded documents with to and fro task assignments among the stakeholders

Check-out feature to download and send documents to stakeholders to collaborate and make final decisions

Sharing documents within a group for better collaboration

Sharing documents with external users via a link or token for collaboration

Explore other features of i-doc

Features that help create document-centric workflows to eliminate redundancies and simplify processes

Get all the features of a traditional content management system and beyond

Features that enable i-doc to be a seamless multi-functional platform

Features that allow full control over the access of documents with a high level of encryption



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