i-doc can be used as a product or as a service. If the customer wishes to use the software as a product, then there are three deployment models he can resort to – On Premises, On Cloud and Hybrid Deployment.

On Premises

Who can use i-doc on Premises?

Customers with an IT infrastructure and a capable support system can own and deploy this model. Post-purchase support is available through the Software Support Agreement (SSA). It is optimum for those organizations who can independently run i-doc as a product with the help of their accomplished IT resources and framework.

Benefits of this model:

Low TCO for large user base: It is a one-time investment for running software on your premise

Can be used on existing LAN, WAN and VPN: The software would run on your legacy system that you are confident about. Perpetual licensing model: As a result, you can use the software for an indefinite period, with an annual maintenance cost

On Cloud

i-doc on Cloud is offered as an on-demand service. The software is hosted on Cloud rather than the server, to reduce the IT maintenance hassles pertained to VPN and LAN network, making documents accessible from any location.

Cloud is a smarter way to handle your enterprise content. Instead of developing, maintaining and running your content management solution by yourself, you can deploy them on Cloud and access your materials through a commonly shared web platform in a SAAS (Software as a Service) model that bridges all your on-premise content.

Who can use i-doc on Cloud?

Small and medium organizations can deploy i-doc on Cloud: Organizations with poor IT infrastructure can resort to this model. We, the vendors take the entire responsibility of running the software hosted on the Cloud as a SAAS model.

No maintenance hassles of hardware and networking from your side. It is the Vendor who is responsible for any type of hardware breakdown.

Shift to OPEX model with no capital investment: All you pay for, is the operational cost of cloud hosting, while the rest is taken care of by us.

Benefits of this model:

Reduces TCO for organizations running on a smaller budget

Saves monetary expenditure pertained to IT

Better business agility and mobility

Better global footprints with central accessibility and searchability

Can be run on PC, mobiles and tablets

Tightens regulatory compliant governance

Better reliability of business continuity and disaster recovery

Automatic SDLC management

Fast implementation of changes across all platform

No investment on maintenance, server OS or database software licensing

Hybrid Deployment

A Hybrid Deployment Model is one in which both the features of On Premises and On Cloud Deployment are employed, to best suit the requirements of the client. The focus being on the cost effectiveness of the method, Hybrid Deployment includes database being stored and manged at the client's premises while the application is hosted on Cloud.

Who can use Hybrid Deployment?

This method of deployment is best suited for clients with content and data that are highly sensitive and confidential. Strict data warehousing and a physical safe house for critical data is often the preference for clients from the government, defense and financial sectors.

The storage of the database at the client's premises with advanced methods of encryption assures the client of its security.

This method is also suitable for clients who are adept with database and security management. However, Somnetics does provide end to end support at the client's site for and additional and affordable cost.

Benefits of this model:

Greater security of sensitive information from the client's servers

Compliant with client's strict data residency policies

Full support for database management and content security at client's site



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