Ease of Integration with Legacy Systems

The multiple functions of i-doc are designed to work as a set of micro-services (microservice architecture). This approach enables i-doc to integrate with your legacy systems like ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS manufactured by vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, OpenText and IBM. We have countless success stories where we have seamlessly integrated i-doc with high-value legacy applications to achieve desired results within a very short project timeline.

Drag & Drop Low-Code Process Maker

i-doc is a product of modern design concept which uses a cluster of API services in a microservice architecture environment. The system also uses a low-code environment for its Business Process Automation (BPA) suite, where the designer draws the intended workflow using visual design elements and visually creates the swim-lanes for the users of the process and allocates them tasks and objectives, all by drag and drop. The system is intelligent enough to write the codes required for the workflow to be executed. This high-tech code automation drastically reduces implementation effort and time, effectively reducing the cost of development by a margin of 70%.

In-Memory Database

The In-Memory Database Systems (IMDB) is a growing subset of a database management system (DBMS) software, which primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage rather than a disk storage mechanism.

The IMDB carry no file I/O burden, which results in a more streamlined process to reduce and optimize memory consumption and CPU cycles. It is preferred over traditional DBMS for its high speed and performance advantage.

Integrated Analytics Module

i-doc pro has an integrated data analytics module for responsive and interactive data dash-boarding, creating and applying visual data filters. This dashboard helps advanced users to get the most out of their content and helps in taking better, data and content-driven business decisions.

Petabyte Class Content Handling Ability

The i-doc platform uses a very distinct design for handling enormous amounts of content and data, often reaching an insane amount of Petabytes (1 Petabyte = 1000 Terabytes). Instead of using a single database, i-doc uses one high-performance AI-assisted file container and one no-SQL database in conjunction. The intelligent use of the two systems in conjunction gives i-doc an immense edge over conventional systems, making it a true enterprise-class BPA and DMS platform.

Search Results in Milliseconds

The AI-assisted full-text search engine is capable of searching and displaying the search results in milliseconds from millions of pages, making the i-doc search engine one of the fastest in the world.

High Data & Information Security

In a world where information security is a great concern for all users, the information systems and the software are required to offer a high degree of data integrity and security. i-doc is designed to give the maximum information security for your content and data. It uses dual-layer 256-bit encryption for all files and data, both for data in rest and in motion. TLS provides a transport layer-encrypted “tunnel" between two points or message transfer agents (MTAs), whereas SSL certificates encrypt private communications over the internet using private and public keys. The high degree of information and data security of i-doc is desirable where security is of utmost importance, like in the defense and government applications.

AI-Assisted Fuzzy Logic Search

The i-doc search engine has a user-switchable “fuzzy logic” search feature for searching content within content, meta-data and HTML. A “fuzzy search” is performed by effectuation of a “fuzzy matching program”, which returns an array of results based on likely relevance even though the search argument words and spellings may not exactly match. Exact and highly relevant matches appear on the top of the fuzzy search list. This helps in mitigating the risks of leaving out the correct results due to spelling error, operator errors and OCR inaccuracy. The fuzzy search of i-doc can perform complex operations even in simultaneous use of two or more languages.

Intuitive UI & UX Design

For its simple and intuitive user interface and satisfying user experience, i-doc is liked equally by novice and experienced users alike. This is extremely important from the user organization’s point of view as an easy UI reduces user rejection. It also helps in quicker on-boarding of users, reducing the time spent in training and learning.

Switchable Multi-Language View

To assist users from multiple language backgrounds, users can switch to a menu of their choice of language. i-doc even supports the Arabic language with a right hand sided menu.

Extreme Customization

The flexible MSA (micro-services architecture) allows effective and extreme customization. This is particularly helpful when the user organization encounters business growth and functional changes. It ensures long and effective use of the application by making it adaptive and agile for future changes in business requirements, boosting the investment (RoI) in the product. The success of software lies in long-term use, and i-doc has proved its mettle in mega organizations, PSUs and governments for nearly a decade, displaying its agility by adapting to new business requirements and functional changes.



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