i-doc Lite, a capable tool to meet all the Process, Content and Collaboration Management challenges, while being easy on the budget and easy to deploy and manage.

Deployed over Cloud only, this version offers a quick setup and reduces the cost that a client has to bear for IT setup and maintenance.

This version is best suited for professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Patent Attorneys, Corporate Communication Professionals, MSME companies, etc.

Content Management

i-doc Lite, the base version of the i-doc Variants but in no sense basic. It covers all the features of conventional Enterprise Content Management. It is supported by complementary services like ScanStream, a multi-tenancy scanning management suite that analyses and manages scanned content and adds the edge to it.

i-doc Lite is capable of all the Action Features that are performed on a document, like Download, Edit Metadata, Share, Revise, Lock/Unlock a document, Archive, Print and Publish/Unpublish Document.

It is adept with blazing fast Search capabilities and can retrieve millions of search results in milliseconds. The Annotation features come handy for users to add a comment and view it later when working in collaboration.

Workflow Management

With the capabilities to manage Dynamic Workflows, i-doc Lite allows for Open Document Workflows and Workflows with Note Sheets. It is also packed with Document Review & Publication workflow and Manual Archive workflow by default.

i-doc Lite comes with 10 workflow support, which can be upgraded and customized as per the requirements of the customer as a VAS.

Collaboration Management

i-doc Lite is also a powerful collaboration suite that allows the users to work together and overcomes changes faced in teamwork.

It lets users share documents within the group and with external users with a Link/Token. The feature of messaging system and discussion threads allow for seamless communication between the collaborating users.

Platform & Other Features

As a platform, the most powerful feature of i-doc Lite is its ability to perform as a singular platform that can bridge the OT-IT gap. It can also easily integrate with the existing systems of a client, therefore protecting their investment. i-doc Lite can be deployed over Cloud, making it an affordable option as it saves the cost to IT and reduces TCO for a client running on a smaller budget.

i-doc Lite is fully customizable and allows to upload files of maximum 5 MB, with 500 GB of storage space as default. These can be upgrades as VAS.

Feature List

Document Management
Check in/Check OutTrash Archive
Edit MetadataRevisionReview
Basic SearchAdvance Search
Document view with metadataView with folder structure
Call outUser wise annotation viewPDF download of annotated drawing/document
Text boxAnnotation comment history
Supported File Type
Bulk Upload DocumentForm Builder: Up to 5 fieldsScanning and Capture
Drag DropFolder CreationDocument Hotlinks
Department Level AccessAudit LogsSubscriptions & Notifications
Module Builder: SingleDocument Viewer
Workflow Management
Dynamic Workflow
Open Document WorkflowWorkflow with Note Sheets
Email Integration with Business ProcessWorkflows Provided by Default: Document Review & Publication, Manual ArchiveNumber of Workflows Supported: 10
Collaboration Management
Sharing Docs within GroupAnnouncement ListsDiscussion Threads
Sharing Docs with External Users via Link/TokenMessaging System
Platform Features
Singular Platform that Bridges OT-IT GapUser ManagementMake Incoming PDFs Searchable
One Platform - Many ServicesIntegration CapabilitySmartphone & Tablet Support
Highly Scalable & Secured ArchitectureHigh Performing Search CapabilitiesMethod of Deployment: Cloud
Role ManagementCustom Search for File/Folder/Content
Other Features
Upload Limit Per File: 5 MBCustomization AvailableBackup: Optional, Value Added Service
Storage Limit - Upgradable: 500 GB



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