Software Licensing is critical when you purchase software for your business and understanding its terms i.e. what you can and cannot do with it, is very important to ensure that you stay legal. Also understanding the software licensing types helps to purchase the correct license that meets your requirements and can save money.

Explaining how licensing works

To better understand the types of Licensing, let us take the example of a parking system.

A company has a parking lot with a capacity of 100 cars. 10 of these slots are reserved for the board of members, say the CEO, CTO, CFO, etc. This system allows guaranteed access to the designated individuals and is known as Named User License (NUL).

The remaining 90 slots are available to all the employees, based on the availability of slots. Once the slots are filled, no other employees can park there. This system allows concurrent access to a pool of users and is known as Concurrent Access License (CAL).

The whole system when taken together is known as a Mixed System of Licensing, where some numbers of License are available as NUL and some are available as CAL.

Types of i-doc Licensing

On Premise

Named User License (NUL)

Concurrent Access License (CAL)

Mixed (NUL+CAL)

On Cloud

Named User License (NUL)



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