Document Workflow Automation

The process involves creating the draft of the Outward Memo for review and approval, as well as the review of Inward Memo. The draft is generated on a defined template (there may be several document templates in the department) and then related documents can be scanned and attached to the outward memo. The typical process can be as follows for the Administrative department. A more complicated workflow of documents is implemented for other departments like Purchase, Legal, Immigration etc:

Outward memo processing

  •  An outward document has a Memo in department letterhead with the associated attachments
  •  The Out Memos go out of the organization to external departments/entities
  • The Memo has metadata like Ref. No, Date and Subject
  • The user types the Subject to create the Memo in the system. The system generates a bar code for the Memo
  • Alternate path: User can create the Memo against an In memo. Then the Out Memo will be linked to the In Memo in the system
  • The system needs to generate an acknowledgement sheet with the available information
  • The user prints the Memo and the acknowledgement sheets
  • The concerned department scans the associated documents (without the Memo)
  • The user selects the Upload option. On selecting the scanned PDF file for upload, the system asks to scan the bar code on Memo User scans the bar code and uploads the file
  • The user invokes workflow to send the generated Memo (along with scanned attachments) to the approval authority
  • The manager completes the Electronic signature and stamping and sends the stamped digital Memo to department user again
  • The department sends the full physical set to the destination

Inward memo processing

  • Inward memo with related documents comes to Admin from internal or external entities
  • The department scans and uploads the documents with a selection of source entity (department), source reference number and creation date
  • The department imprints digital stamping of the department on the uploaded document with the entry of receiving date (by default current date) and serial number (last serial in register + 1)
  • If the incoming document is against an Out document from the department, then department scans the barcode of that Out Memo to establish the link with that it



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