Frequently Asked Questions on Deployment

What are the models of deployment you are offering for i-doc?

We have kept all possible modes of deployment to suit the requirement and budget of every organization in mind. i-doc can be deployed over your organization’s LAN or VPN, Private or Public Cloud with equal ease.

We have a small sized organization, and have only one office, what deployment model will fit us?

The preferred model would be over your existing LAN. You need to engage a small business server of any standard make.

We have a medium sized organization, and having multiple offices and mobile workforce, what deployment model will fit us?

You may consider deploying over a private or public cloud. Your data will be kept secured and will be available from any place of the world. It will be very easy for mobile workforce to use i-doc. Please note, i-doc is a server side application and does not require any client side installation and can work over most popular browsers like Safari, Firefox and Chrome irrespective of the operating system of the computer used.

What are the advantages of a Cloud Deployment over LAN or VPN deployment?

In LAN or VPN, your users are typically restricted to use i-doc from office locations only. If i-doc is deployed over cloud, whether private or public, the users can use i-doc from virtually any location of this world. If you add new business locations in future, you have no additional investment to make for i-doc to be accessed from this new office.

We have a user base of only three persons, what commercial model would be suitable for us?

You can purchase i-doc SaaS plans from us. It is a subscription based service. In this model, while we take care of the cloud server and IT infrastructure and the application itself, you need to pay us per user per month basis.

If our organization grows from small to large and we want to shift from LAN to Private Cloud, do we need to buy another version of i-doc?

i-doc offers versatility, portability and future proofing technology. There is absolutely no requirement of a new purchase of i-doc, your existing application can be migrated easily to the cloud server. Any typical assisted migration can be closed within three business days.

In case of migration, from one server to another server, do we have to lose all previous data?

No. Your data will be migrated along with the application and will remain entirely safe.

Our organization runs on Linux only, will i-doc run on a Linux environment?

i-doc server application can run on Windows as well as on Linux servers.



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