Content and data, in any form possible – documents, invoices, forms, engineering drawing, etc. is vital to the business functions it is associated with. Businesses cannot function without content, which in turn acts as a fuel to propel the business forward. But the downside of this is the sheer volumes of the content generated to support a business.

This calls for technology, one that stores effectively and reduces costs of storage; keeps track of all the information; allows version control, which is the process of saving different versions of a document and managing it; and many more.

i-doc DMS combined with some of the cutting edge services from Somnetics, that go complementary with it, not only covers all the features of a traditional content management suite but goes above and beyond to outperform its competitors with its versatile features.

Content Management Features of i-doc

A separate container for content and data

Multilingual content search and operations

Visual signage – ability to read barcode/QR code

Intelligent search with Fuzzy Logic

Integration capabilities – internal component and external applications

Smart Data Visualization for business insights (charts, metadata and images together)

The high performing search is extremely fast, retrieving thousands of files in milliseconds

Highly sensitive document can be locked or vaulted

The actions like upload, download, create or delete can permission-based from superuser level

Sharing access can be controlled over stipulated periods

Location and departments/discipline-based access control of documents (parameterised)

Parameterization of metadata for  different document types

Saves user time through bulk uploading method

Supports PDF, MS-Office files, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Audio, Video and AutoCAD file formats

Facility to make incoming PDFs from external sources searchable (OCRed)

The view, print, share, email rights can be attached with roles or hierarchy

Image files and associated index data can be uploaded in sync with each other

Capable of integrating documents/images captured from mobile app

Capable of mapping physical locators (room/cabinet/rack) of the documents being uploaded

Custom search allows file/folder/content-based search for given index criteria

Custom search has Fuzzy Logic option for content search

Activity trail showing all actions done by the users on a document with timestamp

Capability to upload as many versions of a document with all the available versions

Capability to attach as many related documents for an uploaded document

Ability to create memos with and in-built editor and save as searchable PDF, as per given template

Ability to scan and upload inward memos

Ability to capture inward emails, along with document attachments

Create outgoing memo against and incoming memo and vice-versa

Explore more features of i-doc

Features that help create document-centric workflows to eliminate redundancies and simplify processes

Features that enhance communication and collaboration to boost productivity

Features that enable i-doc to be a seamless multi-functional platform

Features that allow full control over the access of documents with a high level of encryption



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