The i-doc platform is built on JavaScript-based open-source technology with NoSQL databases to store, manage and process data.

Benefits of the technology behind i-doc

i-doc is a web-based solution and this technology is latest and probably the best open-source technology today for a web application

The NoSQL databases are capable of processing huge amount of data in a very little time. Since large files might be an integral part of i-doc, such databases happen to be most appropriate for fast access to your data and files

With the use of Microservices, the application is built as a collection of small, lightweight services. Each microservice has its own unique and well-defined role, runs in its process, and communicates via https APIs or messaging

Each microservice can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independently of all the sibling services in the application

Microservices are typically managed by an automated system, making it possible to deploy frequent updates to live applications without affecting the end-users

Microservices have their load balancer and execution environment to execute their functionalities, and at the same time, capture data in their databases

The technology allows us to build, operate and manage services independently, and we can easily scale them out based on the resources they need

The technology allows developers to build open APIs easily to interface with other legacy systems, mobile apps or data from other devices

The technology provides immense user satisfaction as it is lightweight, robust, flexible, easily scalable and extremely user-friendly

Users are also very happy because the technology allows the application to be used from any other devices including android and iOS mobile phones for approvals

Simple framework abstraction of i-doc



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