The process for delivery of projects related to the i-doc Software and IT Services associated with it aims to bring the expectations of the key stakeholders – Somnetics team, its Partners and End User – on the same page.

The key processes defining the methodology are:

1. Pre-contracting stage processes

2. Start-up & Requirement Analysis

3. Implementation & Delivery

4. Testing & Acceptance

5. Completion & Closure

6. Post-implementation Support

Pre-contracting stage processes

The process starts with Somnetics team receiving the client requirement outline from the Partner/End User. The initial requirement is studied by the Marketing and Technical teams at Somnetics, who then share a number of queries to the client for clarification. A product demo is then organized, either online or on-site, to demonstrate the standard features of i-doc and learn what additional features and customization is further required.

Additionally, a team of Analysts conduct a full study of the customer requirement at their premises and submit an output document focusing on the requirement, which should be signed and agreed upon by all the stakeholder. This document will be the basis for effort, cost estimation for development, customization and implementation. The Techno-Commercial Proposal along with the End User License Agreement (EULA) is submitted and it included the complete understanding of the requirement and feasibility of outcome. An Assumption & Risk Analysis document is also submitted with the proposal after subsequent conversations with the client.

The Proposal has the pricing model that clearly mentions the line items, effort and quantity required for the project along with the unit cost price for each line item. On the detailed discussion of the Proposal with the Client/Partner, a Contract is drawn when agreed upon the terms. A query register is maintained to address queries and study them.

Start-up & Requirement Analysis

After the Contract is signed, the Project is initiated by a Senior Team at Somnetics. Along with the Local Partner, the Team presents the plan of execution to the stakeholders at the User End. Also, Open Risks and Contingencies are discussed, documented and mitigation plans are created.

The System Requirement Specification (SRS) document is prepared by the Team as an output of Requirement Analysis (RA) and delivered to the client for approval. Also, the Somnetics Team prepares the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), as applicable for digitization, and shares with the relevant stakeholders. The updated RA document which is agreed upon by the Client/Partner is shared with the stakeholders and in case of any change in plan, the revised Project Plan is shared with the Client’s Project Manager.

Implementation & Delivery

The hardware and networking are set up by the relevant stakeholder as per contract and the access is given to the Somnetics Team Administrator for necessary configurations. After a successful setup, the i-doc Product License Key is provided to the customer.

The Somnetics PM regularly checks the overall functioning of the Software and Services provided to the customer and send reports to the Partner PM/Customer. The Partner PM/Customer helps in resolving the dependencies of the technical team on the user department in terms of supplying the master data, translation of documents/texts etc. that are closely linked with customization of the i-doc application.

The customized i-doc application is delivered after deployment of business processes as per signed SRS and subsequently, the User Documentation on the software is submitted to the Partner/Customer.

Testing & Acceptance

Based on the signed off SRS, the Somnetics Analyst Team creates an Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) and shares with the Partner/Customer for the validation, the final version of which is published after incorporation of feedback. Somnetics team at customer site provides training on i-doc to designated users with necessary assistance from its partner. Somnetics Partner helps end-users to perform acceptance testing and fill up the acceptance test issue log with the categorization of Bug, Change and Enhancement.

The Technical Team ensures that the UAT issues are resolved, and the required changes and enhancements are taken care of by the Change Management Process. At the end of the successful User Acceptance Test (UAT), the acceptance letter is provided by the customer and subsequently, the billing is generated by Somnetics, the payment of which is made by the Partner/Client to Somnetics as per agreed payment term. The same process is followed for delivery, testing, acceptance and billing and payment for the implemented changes/enhancements.

Completion & Closure

On completion of the UAT, Somnetics Team will handhold the selected End Users for a defined period as per the Project Plan, post which the Partner/Customer issues the completion certificate to Somnetics. Residual Billing (if any) is done by Somnetics, which is cleared by the Partner/Customer after the completion certificate is issued. The closure formalities are completed by the Somnetics PM with the Partner/Customer PM.

Post-implementation Support

After the closure of the Project, as Post-Implementation Support, the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the agreed number of years starts. The warranty period also starts immediately from this stage The Software Support Agreement (SSA) is created and shared with the Partner Customer, and the duration of the SSA and Service Level is clearly defined.

In the Post-Implementation phase, any bugs that are reported are resolved by the Somnetics Tech Team as per the defined SLA, and any Changes/Implementations are tracked to closure by Change Management Process.

Periodic Security Patches are applied to the i-doc application and the Somnetics Support Team assists the Partner/Customer throughout the AMC period. All annual billing and its subsequent payments are made by Partner/Customer to Somnetics and the project terminates with the expiration of the AMC Period.

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