i-doc is a one-in-all suite that has been designed to solve the issues related to your business, as well as maintain the technical performance, safety and efficiency of your documents. The Process, Content and Collaboration Management system gives you business  a seamless platform and improves the productivity creating workflows of your business.

i-doc has successfully provided solutions to complex problems related to a wide range of industries. i-docs boast of a unique mix of successful cases, some of which are Admission Process Solution for the Education Industry, Automated Drawing Review Systems for Heavy Industries, establishing a Digital Mailroom, Automated Memo Processing, Medical Record Management and integration with HIMS, Digital Library and Management of HRMS.

i-doc has a proven record of providing unique hybrid solution, which comprise of a combination of multiple individual solutions, to meet the unique requirements of its customer.

Business Process Automation Solutions

In the area of Business Process Automation, i-doc empowers businesses in automating their workflows and extracting the maximum from their processes.

i-doc DMS can help create smooth document-centric workflows from a common web-based interface, which allows the simplification of processes and elimination of redundancies.

Governments can track and provide services to citizens for any complaints, cases and grievances, and improve their justice system with automated processes.

Solve all the hassles of of getting a document approved with a one-stop solution that makes the entire workflow of document approve hassle-free.

Draft outward memos and attached scanned documents for review and approval, and review inward memos.

A web-based platform that facilitates IT enabled drawing worfklow, version control, annotation and much more.

A platform that allows citizens to voice their concerns to government and allows government departments to build responses and interactions.

Automate file movement to improve productivity and bring transparency to decision making.

Allows citizens and businesses to be connected to the government and post services for problem statements.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

i-doc has been successful in delivering Enterprise Content Management solution to several industries, solving for business challenges of varied nature.

i-doc, combined with some of the cutting edge services from Somnetics, that go complementary with it, not only covers all the features of a traditional ECM suite but goes above and beyond to outperform its competitors with its versatile features.

Archive all your media file – audio, images and videos, and never worry again about storage space.

Have a fully automated workflow manage all your library records like a conventional librarian does.

Integrate all incoming emails on the DMS and have all the metadata of the attached documents captured on the fly.

Experience the power of a fully featured and highly customizable DMS that covers all aspects of document management.

Acquire knowledge through e-Learning modules, assess them through various online exams and share qualification certificates on successful completion.

An end-to-end solution to help hospitals manage their massive volumes of medical records.

Control all activities related to your vendors from a single platform and manage relationships.

Collaboration Solutions

i-doc allows users to access, share, view and modify files with ease, as well as communicate and collaborate, thereby improving collaboration and overcoming hindrances to productivity.

Invite an external stakeholder for a particular role or share documents and content with a particular group for their feedback.

Experience end-to-end task management for collaboration. Generate tasks, view pending tasks with exhaustive details and track status of tasks all the way till its completion.

Share any published document or content with one or more stakeholders.

Use check-in and check-out mechanism for collaborative efforts on a document.

Converse and collaborate while performing tasks on a document.



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