In the area of Business Process Automation, i-doc empowers businesses in automating their workflows and extracting the maximum from their processes.

i-doc DMS can help create smooth document-centric workflows from a common web-based interface, which allows the simplification of processes and elimination of redundancies.

In businesses that have a day-to-day inflow of data, like submission of forms, drawings, and other forms of data entry, i-doc helps design workflows to manage and ingest these as digitized documents in the system, and be utilized for the advancement of the business process.

i-doc effortlessly helps create end-to-end complex workflows and automation modules to cover various stages of the process and provides features email notifications and communications to support collaboration, reporting and monitoring of various stages of the process.

Governments can track and provide services to citizens for any complaints, cases and grievances, and improve their justice system with automated processes.

Solve all the hassles of of getting a document approved with a one-stop solution that makes the entire workflow of document approve hassle-free.

Draft outward memos and attached scanned documents for review and approval, and review inward memos.

A web-based platform that facilitates IT enabled drawing worfklow, version control, annotation and much more.

A platform that allows citizens to voice their concerns to government and allows government departments to build responses and interactions.

Automate file movement to improve productivity and bring transparency to decision making.

Allows citizens and businesses to be connected to the government and post services for problem statements.



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