Document Management Solutions

i-doc is an immensely powerful platform for handling challenging document management requirements and it does so with perfection.
Irrespective of how large the volumes are, i-doc handles document management with below functions:

Document Input

Multiple methods of document input are accepted in this powerful tool, such as scanned copies, email upload, manual upload, bulk upload, automated process for mass upload, web services, etc.

Document Processing

The input that is provided might be in the form of typed or handwritten text on physical and electronic documents (like a scanned copy). This information is transformed to electronic information with the application of one or more Character Recognition mechanisms (like OCR).

Document Indexing

With all the document stored in the systems, if the path to them isn’t correctly done, it makes the whole process redundant. Document Indexing involves the correct tagging of documents with appropriate keywords. Various methods of indexing like full-text search, date or file type indexing can be applied for documents to be correctly identified.

Document Search

When the Document Indexing is done appropriately, Document Seach is its test. The ability of the search engine to find the desired document almost immediately, with the use of related keywords, makes locating a document in a huge repository effortless and saves a lot of time.

Document Versioning

The document versioning features makes it easy for the user to be aware of the version of a particular document that they are working on. This avoids errors and the possibility of and outdated version being put to application.

Document Security

No DMS is complete if it cannot assure the security of the documents it holds. i-doc provides a high level of security to the documents robust authorization and advanced encryption methods.



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