Since its inception, i-doc has matured as a product and is constantly evolving itself to provide the best Process, Content and Collaboration Management solutions possible. Owing to revisions i-doc has gone through in its evolution, a long list of features have been added to it. These features cater to different types of clients and business requirements, hence it was most suitable to create different product versions of i-doc to cater to these different needs.

i-doc Lite

An easy-to-use, one-stop-solution can always help make a massive impact on a business. A tool that is packed with powerful features to take on challenges related to Process, Content and Collaboration management, and is budget-friendly as well as easier to manage at a smaller scale. The answer to this, i-doc Lite.

This version is available on a subscription model and is deployed only on Cloud. This in return benefits by a quick set up time, better reliability of business continuity and disaster recovery, and most importantly, it saves the cost to IT as there is no investment on maintenance, thereby reducing the TCO. It can also be easily upgraded to i-doc Pro

Intended Users: Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Patent Attorneys, Corporate Communication Professionals, MSME companies, etc.

i-doc Pro

There has been an emerging requirement of a new breed of intelligent, workflow-driven and content-aware solutions to replace the traditional document and content management solutions. Large enterprises and MNCs require state of the art solutions for complex problems which are large in magnitude (in terms of the data to be handled and the processes involved). Some of the complex problems also require the application of modern-day data analytics and automation to solve them. The solution to all of this in one platform – i-doc Pro.

The i-doc Pro is a feature-rich and advanced elder sibling of the i-doc Lite. It can effortlessly handle all the traditional document and content management requirements and provide futuristic enterprise information management. It is capable of providing Robotic Process Automation solution with advanced cognitive and text analytics; integrating with legacy systems, IoT devices to produce visual analytics dashboards giving enough insights for critical business decisions; complex image processing; multilingual support and much more.

It can be deployed over Cloud, On-Premises and also by Hybrid Deployment, as per the business requirements and preferences of the client.

Intended Users: Medium to very large enterprises, MNCs, governments, etc.

i-doc Pro: Arabic

At the threshold of an extensive digital disruption, several Gulf nations like the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar are leading the Digital Transformation wave by connecting to the rest of the world, and the citizens leading this adoption with smartphone and PC penetration. Some African nations are in pursuit as well. It is just the right time for businesses and governments to adapt to this and invest in projects for a smarter and technologically influential ecosystem. A digitized smart government is the need of the hour, and the UAE government has been leading the Gulf Region in this respect by matching global digital leaders on several measures.

However, in the process of adoption, the common problem faced by the corporate and governments of most Arabic language countries was the language barrier, since most of the enterprise-class software were available in English and other European languages and the mid-level employees lacked proficiency in these languages. This came in the way of the ease with which users could fully utilize such tools. A system that can work in both English and Arabic, have a Right to Left (RTL) menu and Arabic keyboard support was much needed. Another unique challenge was the inability of the machines and systems to accurately read the Arabic script from the documents.

Somnetics took the challenge upon themselves to provide an exact solution and undertook the arduous task of conducting various types of customer requirement studies in multiple phases over the years in the UAE. Based on the already popular i-doc Pro, a custom-coded i-doc Pro: Arabic was conceived, which carried all the genes of the i-doc Pro and could handle the Arabic language in the interface as well as machine reading of Arabic text and e-document creation in Arabic. Finally, a solution that could effectively meet all the requirement of the native language users, while empowering a Digital Transformation and keeping up with the global standards.

Intended Users: Clients both in the private and public sector involved with e-Governance, Government To Government and Government To Citizen projects in the Gulf Regions, African nations and regions with Arabic language preference. It is also applicable to medium to very large enterprises which prefer to function in both Arabic and English.



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