Document Approval System

If you have been looking for an automated workflow process that solves all the hassles associated with getting a document approved, look no further.

i-doc brings to a one-stop-solution that makes the process of submitting, routing, reviewing, approving, tracking and collaborating hassle-free. To make this better, it works with a wide variety of document formats and meets the required organization standards by providing a full audit trail.

Let’s look at how this works:

  1. 1. Raising of approval request by the initiator:
  • Types the necessary text which goes as the email content to the recipient
  • Uploads the document (say, a proposal) 
  • Inputs metadata related to the proposal (say, Title, Party, Date of Proposal etc.)
  • May attach other related documents for reference
  • Submits the proposal for approval
  1. The system generates a task for the approver(s) in the workflow path. A notification is sent to each approver with the mail body containing the text by the sender, a link to be clicked to view the document and the download attachments for review.
  1. On logging in to the system, the approver gets the approval request in his pending task list. The request is to be opened and approved or rejected with relevant comments.
  1. On approval or rejection, the workflow continues to the next person in the path until the final approval is made. (In case of a parallel path, all approvers approve or reject in parallel and the workflow stops there.)
  1. On each approval or rejection, the initiator gets notified with the mail. Each notification is shown in the system and also in the initiator’s task box.
  1. In the system dashboard, a tracker is maintained to show all the actions made (actionee with timestamp) on the document during the approval process.
  1. The audit log report is also generated by the system.



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