Somnetics believes in working backwards from its customers and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional pre-sales support. We believe in taking special initiatives to ensure that all the requirements of the customers are clearly understood and the best value for money and a high return on investment is provided.

This sets Somnetics apart from its competitors who focus solely and sales and post-sales support. To truly understand the requirements of the customer and to propose the best solution suitable to the needs of the customer, we engage a dedicated Pre-Sales is engaged. This team helps create a frugal budget and provide an overall good experience for the customer that helps earn our customers’ trust and grow a long-term association.


The sincerity and diligence of an organization are measured by its customers' delight and retention. This is ensured by providing reliable post-sales support, which in return has earned us the trust of thousands of domestic and international customers across various industries.

As an ISO 20000 certified organization, we strictly adhere to Service Level Agreements and Software Service Agreements. Our dedicated customer support teams are available round the clock via dedicated service numbers, e-mails, CS portals and also remote access support. These initiatives ensure that the investment made by a customer towards our products and services are protected.

To enforce a strong support mechanism, we have put together a robust Escalation Matrix, which ensures that no concern is left unattended and is expedited with utmost importance.

Below are our Escalation Matrix and its Equipment for reference:

Solution Design

Imagine buying a car. You have certain parameters in your mind – budget, the purpose of use, some basic points like fuel variant, engine capacity, etc. and some additional features like power windows, multimedia interface, etc. When you meet a representative at the car showroom, they would like to go through all such details and suggest you with the most suitable car in the brand’s catalogue that would give you the most bang for your buck!

The Solution Design team at Somnetics does just the same, or even better. We spend hours working with our customer, to understand what they exactly need, and what is the best solution to their requirements towards which they should go ahead and invest. We believe in listening to understand, and then propose our clients a solution that would not only solve their present concerns but also has room to solve for issues in a time in the future.

Implementation Support

Our responsibility towards our customers doesn’t end at selling them our product. The implementation of it is a very important step. With the correct implementation setup, a client can use i-doc to its full potential.

For organizations with a well equipped IT department, the client can choose to perform the implementation by themselves. However, if a client faces any difficulty in doing so, our support team is there to take care of it. We provide end-to-end implementation and setup of i-doc for you to make the most of it.

Customization Support

Once the requirements are clearly understood and a solution is offered, what comes next is the customization of the solution to the specific needs of the client. Let us say, you have now purchased the car that you were looking for, but the purpose for which you would like to use it requires some additional accessories. For example, you want to drive it in the mountains where the weather is usually foggy, the installation of good fog lights becomes imperative. Similarly, if you were to drive it in a region where it rains a lot, good wet grip tyres are a must.

In a similar fashion, once you purchase i-doc, owing to its highly customizable nature, the possibilities to tailor it to best suit your needs are endless.

Whether you use i-doc for content management, process automation, record management or any hybrid solution that combines multiple solutions in one, we have you covered. Our dedicated team studies customer requirements closely and provides the most customized solutions to maximize business outputs for our customers. We understand and respect the investment you make in our product, and go to all measures to provide the best experience.

Integration Support

It is common for clients seeking a digital transformation to have their information on their existing systems. Our support team ensures integration of i-doc with all the existing systems of an organization to provide end to end digital transformation solutions. Be it your existing ERPs, HIMS or any existing management systems, we provide full integration with i-doc for the best results.

This ensures that no information or work that the client had been doing becomes redundant and there is no loss to the client. It is always our priority to protect our client’s investment and ensure that their business makes the most from the services we render.

Migration Support

When digitally transforming, migrating information can be a very big hassle. Data can be damaged, wrongly indexed, the security of the data might be compromised or worst, be lost entirely. Our migration support helps to avoid all such mishaps and seamlessly migrate to a newer environment.

Our team works closely with our clients to understand the sensitivity of their documents and handle them accordingly for a smooth migration.

Software Support

We are committed to providing excellent Post-Sales support for all purchased products. Purchased software is maintained throughout its life-cycle, backed by well-trained engineers, web conferencing system, online remote support system and on-site support.

Our Software Support Agreement below outlines all necessary information:



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