Frequently Asked Questions on Licensing

How i-doc software is licensed?

i-doc software is licensed for both named-user licenses (NUL) and concurrent access licenses (CAL). While named-user licenses are appropriate for users who are active in the system throughout most of the day, the concurrent access license provides an economical way to support casual system users. A single CAL license will typically support 5-10 users, depending on the type of usage they require.

Can you explain it bit further?

Definitely, in CAL model of licensing, there is no restriction set at number of named users. Only how many users can simultaneously log into the system is restricted. If any user tries to log into i-doc while the maximum allowed number of users are already logged in, the user will be asked to log into the system after some time. The analogy can be drawn to a company reserved car parking space limited to ‘N’ number (no of CAL license) of cars. If total number of cars already parked in the space is less than N, a person can easily park (logs in) his/her car. But if all N slots are full, the person has to wait till the time someone takes away his/her car (logs out) from the lot and a space is created.

What if we want to purchase a mix of both CAL and NUL licenses?

Yes, that is very much possible. You can identify perpetually active users and casual users of your organization and calculate the requirement of CAL and NUL licenses accordingly.



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