All organizations involve paperwork in some form or the other, and this requires a system to manage it. In today’s times, this management system needs a digital approach, and the way to attain is through a Document Management System that can also perform Business Process Automation.

i-doc DMS helps create document-centric workflows from a common web-based interface, that eliminates redundancies in processes and helps to simplify them to a large extent.

Business Process Automation Features of i-doc

Flexible workflow management (supports both closed and open workflows)

Includes built-in activities to simplify workflow configuration

Workflow tracking to increase accountability

Workflow includes database activities to easily push and pull information from another database/system

Supports multiple locations and multiple departments across your business

RPA to automate document movement with rules-based routing context

Application of AI for Fuzzy Logic Search

Open API to connect with your legacy applications

Smartphone and Tablet support

Email integration with the business process

Tracking of user activities with audit logs

Generate reports with visual analytics for better insight into critical business parameters

Dynamic task management

Set reminder and alert for any assigned task

Task routing to multiple users with correspondence (with inclusive/exclusive task management)

Task approval acknowledgement to the desired user

Setting priority of task during assignment

Other Features of i-doc

Features that enhance communication and collaboration to boost productivity

Get all the features of a traditional content management system and beyond

Features that enable i-doc to be a seamless multi-functional platform

Features that allow full control over the access of documents with a high level of encryption



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