The security of documents is one of the most significant characters of a DMS. i-doc presents a high level of documents encryption and role-based access to guarantee document security. This gives you complete control on who accesses what types of documents.

Security Features of i-doc

Linux environment for server – secured from any intrusion of malware

Role-based access privilege

Supports Active Directory authentication

Strong password policy

Restricted file upload

DB Security – NoSQL database is secured from data thefts or DB destruction

Audit log on all/selection actions in transactions

User-wise activity monitoring

IP Binding – End user can be restricted to access the application from a given IP only

Authorized token-based access to data or function (using JWT)

User log-in IP address tracking facility

Document upload, edit, approval using a workflow with authorized access only

System supports SSL and TLS (especially for email exchange server)

System supports https and HTTPS (web server)

Cross-site scripting possibility – taken care of

CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection handled

Form data sent by encrypted channel

Cookie attribute is set securely (https only)

A secured system with information disclosure handled

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