i-doc has been successful in delivering Enterprise Content Management solution to several industries, solving for business challenges of varied nature.

i-doc, combined with some of the cutting edge services from Somnetics, that go complementary with it, not only covers all the features of a traditional ECM suite but goes above and beyond to outperform its competitors with its versatile features.

Combined with the Managed Scanning and Digitization Service (MSDS), it ensures an end to end digitization service for documents and other enterprise content like books, bound registers, drawings, maps, microfilms, film negatives, medical films, audiotapes, videotapes, 3D objects, zoological/geological and botanical specimens, paintings, etc. with foolproof design and execution, to help organizations on the path to digitization.

To enable digitization of existing physical documents like forms, document scanning services with the high-end Canon DR Scanner with CapturePerfect 3.0 document capture suite, make it hassle-free.

While ensuring a seamless migration to soft copies forever, i-doc provides a plugin that enables easy hard copy management by associating location tags, based on its current location, room, drawer, rack etc., to each soft copy replication of the hard documents.

While searching a hard copy, simply referring to the tags associated with the corresponding soft copy can help trace the document.
When the physical location of the hard copy changes, the tags associated with the replicated soft copy should also be updated.
This plug-in is extremely important for organizations with large volumes of medical records, account records, etc. which cannot be permanently disposed of, even after completely migrating to digitized document management.

Advanced search permits a more complex and filtrated, property-specific searching option rather than by mere file names. In case the user forgets the name of the file, it can be filtered and retrieved based on other metadata, such as date of creation, name of the uploader or creator, extension, file size, etc. This plug-in also enables fast document search by important keywords present in the content of readable files such as PDFs, Word files, PPTs and Excel sheets.

i-doc also efficiently connects to the data and can perform analytical operations that be presented in various formats on its analytics dashboard.

Archive all your media file – audio, images and videos, and never worry again about storage space.

Have a fully automated workflow manage all your library records like a conventional librarian does.

Integrate all incoming emails on the DMS and have all the metadata of the attached documents captured on the fly.

Experience the power of a fully featured and highly customizable DMS that covers all aspects of document management.

Acquire knowledge through e-Learning modules, assess them through various online exams and share qualification certificates on successful completion.

An end-to-end solution to help hospitals manage their massive volumes of medical records.

Control all activities related to your vendors from a single platform and manage relationships.



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