Communication Management with Workflow Automation

The Management and Automation of Communication, both with stakeholders and within the department has helped this client, a National Organization working closely with the activities related to Olympic Games for one of the Emirates in the UAE enable smart communication, save 40% of the time taken for a communication transaction, reduce paper consumption by 30% and reducing the manual effort by 50%.

Archival of Engineering Drawings

The archiving of as-built and approved drawings, along with the drawing lists, vendor test reports and site test reports with i-doc helped this client, one of the earliest integrated steel plants in the Public Sector in India, reduce manual labour by 40% saving almost 20,000 man-hours every year with quick search and retrieval of documents.

Digitization of Workflow for Local Purchase Order

Hundreds of Local Purchase Orders were shared by vendors with the Purchasing Department of one of Emirates’ Government in the UAE. Since the process was manual, it made it very difficult for the department users to have control over it as well as it was consuming a lot of time and effort. i-doc helped automate the LPO workflow and digitized the associated documents with the process, which made the process transparent, made storing and searching related documents easy and saved 150 man-hours every month.

Digitization of Workflow for Cash Management

The Purchasing Department of one of the Emirates’ Governments in the UAE were facing difficulties in tracking the hundreds of cash requests raised by various departments for their functioning. The two-step automated workflow for reviewing and approving the raised requisition helped the department with efficient Cash Management, housing all documents in one platform and creating a transparent process where the status of a requisition could be tracked all along the workflow.