The Management and Automation of Communication, both with stakeholders and within the department has helped this client, a National Organization working closely with the activities related to Olympic Games for one of the Emirates in the UAE enable smart communication, save 40% of the time taken for a communication transaction, reduce paper consumption by 30% and reducing the manual effort by 50%.

This client is a renowned organization that works closely with the National Olympics of one of the Emirates in the UAE. The national body is responsible for all the associated activities with the preparation, training and participation in the Olympic Games.

The functions of the client involved intensive internal and external communications, manually or through emails. The movement of documents and approvals wherever applicable were on physical papers and a manual process. Since manual processes are cumbersome and prone to errors, and the client was certainly not happy with this.

The solution created with i-doc for communication management oversees the documents (office memo) created in the office that are to be sent to external entities along with the attachment of relevant documents, management of mails received from external entities and the response to these mails, integration of incoming mails in the system (inward memo) with all the information, management of internal communications within the office and the automation of the document approval process during the movement of the document through different stages. The solution also has provision for inter-department confidentiality by creating separate archives for the departments, and only the Director would have access to all archives together. In a case where a document isn't confidential, the user can save it in the general folder, providing open access.

 A smart communications management system is delivered to the client, automating their day to day communications with internal and external stakeholders

 The ease of use of the system saves at least 40% of the time taken for completing an inward or outward communication transaction

 Usage of physical papers is reduced by at least 30% with outward memos created online

 The automated workflow is absolutely open during the flow of the document from one person o another and it saves no less than 50% of client effort in the manual workflow



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