The archival of various formats of document has helped this client, a National Organization working closely with the activities related to Olympic Games for one of the Emirates in the UAE secure and organize their documents, reducing the retrieval time by 50%

This client is a renowned organization that works closely with the National Olympics of one of the Emirates in the UAE. The national body is responsible for all the associated activities with the preparation, training and participation in the Olympic Games.

In this case, the users had archived documents in various file types, like pictures, word document, excel sheets, etc. and stored in unorganized folders in Google Drive in the Arabic Language. The client wished to migrate and archive the documents in i-doc for better security and also for quicker retrieval.

The solution allows registered users to upload electronic documents to i-doc, combine and aggregate files into virtual folders. The folders in i-doc are created depending upon the different categories defined for the documents.

Desktop software is integrated into the upload mechanism to facilitate OCR. The OCR works for both Arabic and English texts, with the accuracy percentage for context search nearly 90%.

Once the user uploads the file and enters the metadata/index fields, only then can it be published. The designated stakeholders of the department can access these files based on their access rights.

The system prevents inadvertent deletion/overwriting or modifying of archived documents. A secure record of the history of transactions on the archive documents is maintained for audit purpose.

Different types of files which were archived in an unorganized manner are now archived under a common platform, perfectly organized

 The files are now much more easily accessible, and the designated users can reach them in almost half of the time needed earlier

 The archived files are highly secured in i-doc, so unauthorized access is prevented



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