Application of advanced search capabilities of i-doc helped this client overcome the challenges faced from manual searching of specific documents from large volumes of documents.

This client is a 130 years old association, recognized as the apex organization representing the Indian jute industry, with 37 composite jute mills as its members. It serves as an intermediary between the Central and State governments, provides service to members, promotes trade, public relations, research and product development, and fosters goodwill and better understanding among all members for a healthier environment for the trade to flourish. All the important data concerning the jute industry is maintained in its premises.

Before i-doc, the operational process for communications was manual and searching any document from the large volume of incoming and outgoing documents was very tedious, time-consuming and involved unnecessary usage of resources.

i-doc provides the solution of searching with Basic Search and Custom Search.

In Basic Search, the user can type anything in the search area for searching the documents. It can even be the file extension.

In Custom Search, the user has the option to search for a file type (Incoming or Outgoing), search files via document category (letter, circular, note or other) or it can be a combination of values of different metadata.

i-doc also provides the solution for full-text search where documents are searched instantly based on a phrase or sentence which is present in the document(s). This is possible because all the documents uploaded to i-doc are OCRed by the technology used. i-doc also gives the option of Fuzzy search when searching via content.

 The convenient and user-friendly search operation simplifies the process for the user

 The search is extremely fast, retrieving millions of records in milliseconds

 A significant amount of effort and cost is saved every day by the application such an excellent searching tool for digitized documents



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