The i-doc DMS paired with managed scanning and digitization service has helped this client, a super-speciality hospital with a legacy of over 50 years seamlessly migrate to cutting edge digitization and document management.

The facility handles an average of 60 discharges and 2000 outpatients on a daily basis. This inadvertently led to the generation of a huge repository of medical record and documents in the physical form, and also the retrieval of current and previous data as and when the situation demanded became challenging.

We all know how cumbersome and frustrating a situation can get for an organization of this magnitude, even with the slightest of malfunctioning with regards to data management and retrieval.

It wasn’t long before all the physical files generated since 1999 started consuming much of the office spaces. Archival of these documents, both old as well as the ever-growing ones every day, became more difficult with every passing day, and to make things worse, prompt retrieval of necessary files became almost impossible.

How could a situation like this, with more than 52 million backlogs be contained, without compensating the workflow or leading to any loss of data?

With the arduous task at hand, the two-part solution of digitization and document management ironed out the complexities. Digitization of the data was accomplished by document scanning services with the high-end Canon DR Scanner with CapturePerfect 3.0 document capture suite.

The installation of a Document Management Software ensured a smoother document-centric workflow from a common web-based interface.

The worry of an ever-growing repository of documents and the effective archival and retrieval of these documents is now a thing of the past for CMRI.

Somnetics, with its unmatched expertise in the area, shouldered the responsibility and ensured a seamless migration to cutting edge digitization and document management for its esteemed client.



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