A complete managed scanning and digitization solution to enable this apex organization representing the Indian Jute Industry to transform digitally.

This client is a 130 years old association, recognized as the apex organization representing the Indian jute industry, with 37 composite jute mills as its members. It serves as an intermediary between the Central and State governments, provides service to members, promotes trade, public relations, research and product development, and fosters goodwill and better understanding among all members for a healthier environment for the trade to flourish. All the important data concerning the jute industry is maintained in its premises.

Thousands of internal and external communication documents were stored in folders, with more than 150 such folders and each folder having numerous incoming and outgoing letters. It was difficult to refer back to any letter or communication from the hard copy folders. Additionally, documents were getting old and keeping them in physical form was becoming a challenge and risky.

Each of the 150 folders has incoming and outgoing letters or communication documents in it. Each letter has several pages and is considered as a file in the system. Each physical folder has a unique identification number that becomes the folder name in the system. A scanning solution generated OCRed PDF for each letter as the scanned output. The specialized Scanstream software uploaded them folder wise in bulk to i-doc.

Index fields are associated with the letters, where each letter is a file. The metadata like folder name, incoming/outgoing flag, date are extracted from folder and file name during the upload process. After upload, each document (letter) can be accessed to enter the subject, sender/recipient name and the dispatch number.

 Digitization eliminated the risk of maintaining the incoming and outgoing letters manually

 Eliminated further damage to physical documents due to natural or man-made causes

 The cost of maintaining and handling the physical documents is largely reduced

 The letters could be traced in milliseconds using the search criteria, that may be a keyword of the index or a word/phrase from the uploaded document



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