Scanning and Digitization of 42.5 million pages of Medical Records resulted in vacating 10000 sq ft of valuable space occupied for 12 years and reduced document storage cost by 90%

This client is a super-speciality 1700 bed hospital equipped with state of the art healthcare facilities and provides round the clock services. It employs 1000+ doctors and medical administrators, handles 10500 outpatient visits, and 120 admissions/discharges each day. 23 departments function cohesively to run this massive operation, each supported by modern healthcare equipment and IT infrastructure, and the large database managed by a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

Since its inception, all the medical record files generated from various departments, admission and discharge information, and other related documents were in the physical state. This resulted in the piling of medical records for 12 years, occupying approximately 10000 square feet of valuable space as record rooms. In addition to this, the documents ran the risk of being damaged due to weathering.

The herculean task of scanning and digitizing 1.25 million legacy medical records stood tall and appeared daunting at first. The application of ultra-fast and precise scanning technologies enabled large volumes of physical records to be scanned, some of which were in very poor condition due to weathering.

To manage a scanning operation of such magnitude, Scanstream, a multi-tenancy scanning workflow manager, integrated the scanned output with i-doc, the multi-functional document management suite. Scanstream applies advanced mechanisms of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can differentiate between the kinds of documents and take actions on them as necessary.

A total of 45.2 million scanned pages were uploaded to i-doc, which managed all this information from the client's private cloud server.

 Helped free 10000 sq ft of of physical space, which could now be utilized for other purposes

 Reduced the cost for maintenance of these physical records by 90%

 Eliminated the risk of documents getting destroyed due to natural or man-made causes

 Scanstream is very precise with a high standard for Quality Control. This reduces errors to nil



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