i-doc helped create a Digital Mailroom for efficient management of all archive as well as current files that the client received. Also, automation of the memo processing system was established, which aided digital verification of every inward and outward document at different levels of hierarchy.

The client had been maintaining a dedicated record room and resource for the storage and maintenance of physical files. Each of these files consisted of approximately 250 pages.

The entire process was run on manual labour.

With manual labour being enforced, a lot of business hours were consumed to run the process. Both the tracking of physical files and the searching for a particular document from the file became extremely tedious.

Further, additional time was consumed for the physical verification of the documents, during their incoming or outgoing flow.

It also required senior officials to be physically available for the approval or rejection of any memo.

All of these factors added redundancy to the process and the client needed a solution to this.

To work out the issue at hand, all the files were digitized and updated in a repository daily. Somnetics devised a Digital Mail Room System, through which the client could easily search, track, edit and retrieve the required files, by their unique file IDs, from any location.

The automation of the client's office memo processing system enabled the concerned officials to add comments digitally, with the date and time stamp.

The system also put in place a workflow for the digital verification of every inward and outward document at different levels of hierarchy.

Due to the digitization and storage of files digitally, the client benefited by saving a lot of time in storing and managing them.

Also, much lesser physical space was required, as compared to when the files were stored conventionally.

The increase of accessibility of the files helped to reduce the overall time and effort for the process.



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