A Dynamic Task Management with Access Control to Superuser, that allows access granting controls and detailed view of the history of documents’ downloads for complete transparency.

Established in 2004, this client is a Utilities and Service Company that provides urban infrastructure services and specializes in township management services. It provides civic services in the areas of building and industrial construction, road construction and maintenance, design and planning consultancy for delivering physical planning, architectural and structural needs of modern townships and overall town planning.

It is a common obstacle to track every revision of a document when the documents are not stored in a single database. The DE&TP department found this as a critical issue since many documents are maintained by the users and it is difficult to track the latest version of the documents.

Also, the department did not want anybody to download a document which is uploaded in i-doc and make a revision or use it for other purposes.

Superuser level permission is implemented with dynamic task management.

Whenever a User wants to download a document from i-doc, a request is floated to the Superuser as a task to approve the download request. If Superuser approves, the User gets a task back for the document with the approval marked. The system then allows the User to download the document.

If Superuser rejects the request, then also User gets the task back for the document, marked with rejection with the reason of rejection and the system does not allow the User to download the document.

If approved, the User may download, do revisions and re-upload the document. The approval process will be similar to the process of uploading the document. User may upload the document for another project (with change in the Index).

 All the information with regards to the download history of documents is tracked – including information like who downloaded it, who granted permission for download and for re-upload of the content. The entire trail is visible from the system. This ensured that there is no misuse of documents

 The access rights for documents can be modified depending upon the sensitivity of the documents



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