A secure and seamless solution to switch between multiple databases and system, allowing you to retain all the functionality of your existing systems with i-doc.

This client is among the leading global steel companies, its annual crude steel capacity across Indian operations is more than 13 metric ton per annum. The Legal Operations spread over 200 locations in India includes roughly 90 different courts and 120 customer departments. Hundreds of lawyers are involved with a large number of cases associated with the business across India.

Since the client already had a Legal Information System (LIS), implementation of i-doc could lead to confusion in the users. To access the case data from two systems could prove to be a hassle and this was a problem.

As a solution, an Active Directory was offered by i-doc and a single sign-on mechanism was implemented to log-in to both the systems. To be able to view the corresponding file and data from the i-doc system, i-frame was implemented in the LIS.

To switch from i-doc to LIS at any time with appropriate authentication and authorization, a link is provided in i-doc. This makes switching systems hassle-free.

Robust security is set for the access of data from the two systems. The level of security is customizable and can be set differently for a different level of users.

 i-doc and LIS are seamlessly integrated. User can use them as they are using a single platform

 The integrated solution for the Legal Department with all the case documents readily available is extremely convenient for the users

 It saves a lot of time and effort to get access to all data in one place and extract insights from them



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