Thousands of documents from several departments – both internal and external, automated for easier tracking, creation and management, and capable to be linked to related outwards documents for complete view.

This client is one of the Emirates’ Government Departments in UAE. Multiple departments of the Government including Administration, Crown Prince Office, Immigration, Purchase, Legal, Media, Library and Region Development were considering complete digital transformation. These departments were operating manually at offices, and the communications were through hard copy documents.

In this use case the solution is implemented for the Administration Department.

Many documents from internal and external entities are received at the Admin Department. Managing and tracking these documents manually has been a challenge because many of them come against outward memos. Also, physical space to accommodate huge numbers of inward documents is a big problem for the department.

The inward memo and its related documents can be scanned with Arabic OCR and the module is built-in i-doc to upload the scanned documents with the index reference of the entity from where it is coming and the source reference number. The memo thus received in i-doc can be viewed in the system with the metadata and the user can then publish the memo. Once published, the corresponding inward stamp can be seen imprinted at the bottom of the document.

If the inward memo comes against an Out Memo of a department, then the department user has the provision to scan the QR code of that Out Memo to establish the link with that Out Memo.

 All inward memos and related documents are brought in the same system with the automation of the process

 The related outward memos are linked and user can the memos holistically

 Stakeholders can view the status and details of memo processing, even from mobile devices



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