Integration of HIMS and i-doc to bring all medical records in one platform, and an easy-to-view Patient Record Viewer to help doctors and medical staff provide accurate and immediate medical care.

This client is a super-speciality 1700 bed hospital equipped with state of the art healthcare facilities and provides round the clock services. It employs 1000+ doctors and medical administrators, handles 10500 outpatient visits, and 120 admissions/discharges each day. 23 departments function cohesively to run this massive operation, each supported by modern healthcare equipment and IT infrastructure, and the large database managed by a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

At the time of patient care or during doctor visits, the previous medical records of the OPD patients or records of a previously admitted patient were not readily available. This led to a delay in the doctors knowing the patient's history and providing them with the required medical attention. An urgent solution to tackle this situation was necessary.

The integration of i-doc with the hospital's legacy HIMS helped to bring all the information of the past and the present times in one platform. The Patient Record Viewer embedded in the HIMS could show all the medical history of the patient directly from the HIMS. Doctors and medical staff could now log into the Patient Record Viewer, powered by i-doc, and view all the information related to the patient in an easy to view interface.

 All medical records of a patient, both OPD and IPD, made readily available from HIMS

 An intuitive Patient Record Viewer interface helped the doctors and medical staff provide the necessary aid with the minimum response time, thus being a great advantage in the critical moments



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