QR-Code or RFID Tags Enabled

In warehouses documents are stored in hardcopies. You might have realized by now the vulnerability and poor security issues these places suffer from. They might be prone to theft, fire, misplacement and confusion during retrieval. Since these documents are stored in various boxes, drawers, cupboards etc.

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The warehouse management system is backed by bar-code, QR-code or RFID tags associated with each hard copy document to track its movements and enhance its security. This is further facilitated by CCTV cameras that simultaneously reduce the possibilities of theft and misplacement.

On Colud

The software on the other hands tags the soft counterpart of each hardcopies by its location, room number, cupboard number, drawer, box and folders. If a hard copy document cannot be found, the user can refer to the tags associated with its soft copies and determine its location. If the document is still not found, the RFID tags and bar codes track its location.

During bulk upload, all documents being uploaded would have the same meta tag, as the information provided in the meta data box would be uniformly applied to all.