records management

Systematic Archival of Old Records

Records Management

Features like strong archival support, document life-cycle management and searching capabilities which allow searching a specific word within the content make i-doc a preferred platform for records management. An optional document warehouse management module enhances it's capability to manage record rooms, track physical document movements, handles check-in and outs. Document discovery or tracking at physical level is supported by bar-code, QR-code or RFID tags.

Documents with a lapsed life-cycle are known as records. Most organization archive these records in various files and folder for future reference and proof . In most cases, storage and archival of records leads to a cluttered office environment, as they consume a lot of physical space. To avoid this problem, archive these records in soft digital format by simply scanning and uploading them in i-doc. These documents would take lesser time for retrieval as they are more searchable through keywords and metatagging.

In case you own a warehouse of records, you can avail the customized hard copy management module that supports bar-code, QR-code or RFID tags that are associated with the hard copies. As a result, you can track physical movement of the document, locate its position and reduce the chances of its misplacement.