document centric business process

When Your Business Revolves Round Documents

In verticals like telecommunication, education, insurance, banking etc., a particular document travels across various departments where various tasks are performed on them. These documents play a central role in completing the entire business process and revenue generation. Various tasks such as approval, data extraction, evaluation, reference works are associated with the documents at various stages of its life cycle. Here, one single document goes through multiple phases to serve its purpose. Document management system i-doc, acts as a catalystic force to make the process more efficient and faster.

Document Centric Business Process

Take the example of s simple document centric workflow in a telecommunication industry. A CAF for a new connection, is submitted, the data in the form is verified with other submitted identity proofs, by an individual, data is extracted, It is then sent to the pre-paid or post-paid department (depending on the extracted data), where the verified data is again re-checked to generate the final approval. After this entire process the customer gets the connection.

One very simple example of how i-doc can automate the CAF process from application till providing the connection.

With i-doc, the sales person uploads the CAF in the i-doc repository attaching the other associated scanned identity proofs specific to that customer. The pre-defined workflow would notify the administrator to approve and publish the CAF and attached identity proofs, allowing viewing rights to the other involved departments. The next departments involved in the data verification and extraction process would complete their tasks, to generate automatic notification to either the pre-paid or the post-paid department, depending on the CAF data. The pre-defined workflow assigns the next set of tasks to the customer care department to carry out the rest of the process and provide the connection to the customer.

The best part about i-doc is that it can also be integrated as an application with the existing CRM or other BPM system, boosting the document centric tasks by multiple folds.