business process management

When Various Documents Connects Different Business Stages

In any business process various documents connect and integrate various stages of a business. From commencement till completion, a number of documents are required, as one has to constantly refer/ approve/ sanction different documents to get the final business output. With i-doc document management system, one need not resort to the regular e-mail collaboration for referring to the required documents.

Take the simple example of buying a first hand ready to move in housing property from the real estate agency.

Business Process Automation

At various stages their involves documents and papers like bank loan sanction papers, legal papers, agreement papers, allotment letter, sale agreement, procession and registration papers etc. The real estate agency has to look into emails and hardcopy files to compile these documents pertained to each customer. However, with i-doc, this manual process can be automated. At each stage of data analysis and verification, i-doc automatically retrieves the scanned documents concerned with that particular stage, helps the concerned department do its task and send the feedback to the next department by attaching the required documents to complete the next stage.

This process of document attachment, sharing, collaboration, automatic retrieval of the right documents at the concerned stage, etc are easily enabled by i-doc, which can also be integrated with the existing BPM system being used by the organization.