Supports Document Centric Business Process


Powered by either static or dynamic workflow and connected to a dynamic form builder, i-doc is an immensely powerful platform for handling challenging document management requirements. Features like document version control, audit logs, unlimited level of metadata creation, powerful search engine enables diverse teams to work on business rule driven document processing environment required in telecom, insurance and manufacturing.

Version control feature is backed by enlisting of the entire version history. The system automatically creates a new version, the moment a change is made on a document or folder. New versions can also be created when a completely new document is uploaded from the ‘Create New Version’ menu. All these activities history gets listed under audit trail. Audit Log menu keeps a tab on all the activities that have been executed on a particular document. It records the time, name of the user who made the change, what type of change has been made etc. Thus it ensures more document security and transparency in the entire workflow. Meta data creation enables better search, making documents more organized and retrievable with keywords pertained to date, user name, extensions, document name, size etc. All information entered through the various fields (which can be created and customized) are converted to xml format. Powerful search engine with unlimited meta data creation, the search engine can assort and retrieve objects by name, date, creator name, extension, file size, etc. Powerful search indexing and pre-defined keyword suggestions make searching easier and faster every time.