Collaboration Across Mutiple Companies

Content Management System

i-doc can allow multiple teams across distributed offices, enabling them to collaborate as if they're in the same physical space. Discussion thread allows users to make comments and chat around a content. Granular access rights management enforces top grade information security.​ Users can send time-limited links for sharing documents through mail to people outside teams or groups.

i-doc allows document collaboration in multiple ways.The web based documents, calenders and forms are great ways to collaborate and share tasks online. It helps in task delegation and planning team work.

Document sharing: users can share a document or folders with i-doc users or non -users by simply feeding the recipient’s mail ID. The recipient would be able to view the document on clicking the link. Documents can also be shared with the specified expiry date.

Facilities for comments and discussion threads can be found below each document and folder. Users can create official discussion threads and feedbacks around these documents. These documents can also be liked and rated out of five.