Multi Company Support, Document Workflow

What i-doc does - idoc

i-doc is an enterprise grade content management solution with an integrated dynamic workflow manager. i-doc works from server side and users can access the application through any standard supported browser. An i-doc server can work through LAN, WAN, private or public cloud. Users can work via multitude of devices like desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones while the server can run on either Linux or Windows.

A customizable and easily deployable solution, i-doc has clutter free and easy UI which is loved by it's users. i-doc can handle most business contents like PDF, images, MS-Office files, CAD drawings. It can also handle multimedia contents like audio, video etc. i-doc solves most business cases and grows with the organization.

Typical use cases are:

Document management :

Powered by either static or dynamic workflow and connected to a dynamic form builder, i-doc is an immensely powerful platform for handling challenging document management requirements. Features like document version control, audit logs, unlimited level of metadata creation, powerful search engine enable diverse teams to work on business rule driven document processing environment required in telecom, insurance and manufacturing.

File sharing and collaboration :

i-doc can allow multiple teams across distributed offices, enabling them to collaborate as if they're in the same physical space. Discussion thread allows users to make comments and chat around a content. Granular access rights management enforces top grade information security.​ Users can send time-limited links for sharing documents through mail with people outside teams or groups.

Records Management :

Features like strong archival support, document life-cycle management and searching capabilities which allow searching a specific word within the content make i-doc a preferred platform for records management. An optional document warehouse management module enhances it's capability to manage record rooms, track physical document movements, handles check-in and outs. Document discovery or tracking at physical level is supported by bar-code, QR-code or RFID tags.

Project collaboration :

i-doc can create project collaboration and seamless integration among various teams located at different geographical domains. Teams can view, share, discuss, trigger automated tasks around a document. i-doc can enhance a project team's efficiency by multiple factors and brings a very fast ROI.