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Web Documents

Imagine the requirement of fast last moment versioning of a huge document, which is not possible by just one individual. The best output would be derived if different parts of the content is looked after by different individual. Working on an offline document would lead to gathering of updates from multiple sources and merging them together. Don’t you think it would be way easier and faster if all the concerned activities were done simultaneously by the concerned persons from a commonly accessible document?

This is where a web based document come into use. i-doc provides web based word documents, so that you can do a seamless team work involving all the concerned people without the headache of merging from various sources.

You can also create web calendars for task assignments, coordination and delegation. Similarly, web forms enable easy meta data creation, faster retrieval, customization and standardization of meta information.

The history of each and every document residing in the i-doc repository is tracked right from the time it is uploaded and published until destruction.

Document versioning

i-doc does not offer the facility for online editing of document, unless they are web documents. Using web documents would allow the users to carry out simultaneous modification on the same document without the involvement of the multiple processes like downloading, modification, compilation and re-uploading. Authorized users can edit online and save them as per their requirement.

These type of documents work wonders when constant editing of a document is required especially with the involvement of a big group. It reduces the hassles of task co-ordination and work dependencies.


Web calendars are very essentials whenever the task coordination is required. It is always better to create a common web based calendar interface than maintaining separate calendars and delegating tasks through mails. Such colloquial methods lead to a lot of miscoordination, task skipping, failure in meeting deadlines. A person may forget to check his calendar or mails on a regular basis, which keeps the task pending for longer than it should. A web calendar reduces these possibilities by setting reminders and notifications both through mails and i-doc interface.


In an organization where form based document management plays an important role, i-doc provides the opportunity to execute the task through its very own interface without the hassles of module integration. You can create and customize the form workflow to make data gathering easier and information more standardized and retrievable.


Your system might have the option to save bookmarks, but what if you are away from your system? With i-doc you can create a bookmark and link or attach them with various other document for reference purpose and open the web page from your laptops, smartphones and tablets even when you are away from your system. This reduces the time wasted in constantly searching the link everytime you use another system. All you need to do is refer the bookmarks saved in i-doc.

On attaching a bookmark with a particular document, you can immediately use the link as a reference and do the work. This facility works great when associated with the web document option. Both reference work and content development can be done simultaneously.