Accessible From All Devices

Web Based Dms

While away from your office, you might have felt the requirement of viewing an important document. But you could not, mainly because you did not have access to that document.

Similarly, while your machine was being formatted, you had to take a backup of all the important data that wasted a lot of your precious time.

Did you not wish about a solution that would spare you from these hassles then? i-doc has a web based interface that addresses these issues common in traditional document management system.

Accessibility from all Location

Imagine a situation where you have to urgently access a document and work on it while you are physically away from your office on a holiday. You are not carrying your laptop and your colleagues are enjoying their holiday too. Will you keep your task pending until the time you resume office? Not any more!

i-doc document management system offers a common web based platform accessible from all devices including your smartphone and tablet. Therefore, even if you are away from your office, or enjoying a holiday, all you need to do is spare a few minutes for logging into your i-doc account from your phone, search the document, do the activity - be it sharing or publishing or simply reading and logout.

The long process of starting your laptop, accessing your mails, finding the document from a maze of mail trails, logging out, shutting down the system will be shrunk to just a few minutes of task with a few clicks in i-doc! The access limitations of running a software on the LAN or VPN would also be broadened with this web or cloud hosted software.

Better document safety and security

Organizations adhering to traditional methods often tend to store their documents in their hard disk of their systems or LAN. Such organizations not only face issues like poor document control and collaboration but also bad document security.

Problems and crisis arising due to hard disk crash, poor server condition, undue access, etc are not uncommon in these organizations. The users have to create a backup every time their system or server is formatted. Even if you wish to store your documents in your mail servers or mail drives, you know they have their own sets of limitations such as lack of space, time consuming search (as documents may get lost and un-retrievable in a maze of e-mails and mail trails.) The process gets all the more tedious if the document had been created/sent/received in an indefinite past.

While keeping documents in your system, you cannot be completely free from the tension of undue access to confidential matters by unauthorized people. Others users using your system can easily access folders and files they would not be accessing. These are common problems involved in traditional document storage and management system.

i-doc offers a web based interface which saves you from all these hassles. You need not create back up from a document as web based repositories are free from problems like hard disk crash and poor server issues.

Features like advanced search indexing makes document retrieval automatic and faster when triggered with the right keyword.

Role based access control would bar certain users from using a document, while making them accessible to authorized ones. Features like https browsing, proper encryption and screen inactivity would also prevent malware and unwanted access to the user’s i-doc account.

Concurrent Usage

It is difficult for a group of people to access the same document simultaneously, if it is not available on a web based platform. In order to make things accessible concurrently, one has to mail the matter to a number of concerned recipients. With i-doc, an uploaded document can be viewed by all authorized users concurrently, reducing the requirement of making multiple copies or bulk mailing.