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Document Version Control With History

Version Control

Document versioning

A document lifecycle goes through multiple versioning before its quality is approved and matter is freezed. If matters are stored in your hard disk, you have to constantly browse through the folders and path to locate the latest version. It may also happen that any change implemented on the document has not been updated in the final folder and is still residing at the editor or the supervisor’s desk. In that case, if the user is unware of the latest update, he will continue using the obsolete version.

What is the solution?

The solution is a common platform where all concerned persons do their task such as uploading, editing, reviewing, re-versioning with a pre-defined workflow and freeze the matter in the same platform so that all individuals have universal access to the right document.

In i-doc Document Management System, version control lets you track your files over time. You can manage your document review process by creating and maintaining multiple versions of a document. Files are saved as lists, as they are edited and uploaded, and also you can revert the file back to the previous version without any new changes that have been made to the document. With this feature you can track the differences and modifications between files.

Benefits of Version Control

If you are using the traditional hard disk system or mailing system for tracking documents and version control, then you must be facing usual problems pertained to long search process, document loss in multiple folders or maze of mails trails. If you have not optimized the usage of mail drives, you even have to remember who had sent or was delegated to send the latest version. Problem isn’t it?

All the versions are stored in an enlisted format with version names in ascending (or descending) order. Therefore, you can always know which document you should work upon and so on.

Only one place for versioning and storage: You can imagine the kind of chaos you will go through if various versions are stored at various locations. In would lead to further trouble if the latest version is missed out to even one concerned persons who might possibly use the document. With i-doc’s version control system, all concerned person would know which document to use and where they would be available.

If you accidentally delete a file, you can automatically undo it. The newest version need not be copied from time to time. It is uploaded just once by the administrator

In case of web documents, multiple users (who can access the file) can make the changes simultaneously from various locations.

Maintaining different Versions: All the versions created so far are available from the single repository in an enlisted form. You can simply click on the desired version, which are automatically named in sequence as and when the newer ones are uploaded.