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Multi Company Support

Most established enterprises have multiple branches, the ones in the process of growth are considering establishing new branches or collaborating with other companies.

In organizations document collaboration can take place in various folds:

  • User to user
  • User to department
  • User to company
  • Department to department
  • Department to company
  • Department to user
  • Company to company
  • Company to department
  • Company to user

In most cases collaboration, sharing and workflow is executed through traditional mailing system. Imagine a situation where a junior doctor deployed in a small branch of a hospital in a remote area, needs to share a medical record with his senior doctors deployed in a metro city. Or the civil engineering department of a construction company needs to share a drawing with the engineering department of their collaborate companies.

In most situation, the sharing would take place through mail. What if the person sharing the document is unaware of the mail IDs of all the recipients or do not know them personally? Or the mail system does not support the huge size?

This is where i-doc with its multi company or the multi branch facility come into use. i-doc offers a collaboration platform across all these level with its provision for creating multi company, multi departments under each company and ofcourse multiple users under each company and departments. However, with a tight access control system, the unconcerned companies or departments can be barred from accessing the documents.