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Multiple Add-ons For Users' Delight

Add On Modules Plugins

An organization installing i-doc standard can opt for certain plug-ins as add-ons depending on their requirements

Hard Copy Management

While easing your task migrating to soft copies forever, it is indeed essential to restore some of the important hard copies within the premises. But like all hard document, these too might have the tendency to get misplaced.

i-doc provides a plugin that would enable easy hard copy management by associating location tags, on the basis of its current location, room, drawer, rack etc., to each soft copy replication of the hard documents. So that while searching a hard copy, you can simply refer the lags associated with the corresponding soft copy and trace the matter.

With change in the location of the hard copy, the tags associated with the replicated soft copy also need to be altered.

This plug-in is extremely important for organizations having large volumes of medical records, account records etc. which cannot be permanently disposed even after completely migrating to digitized document management.

Multi-Company Set-up

In an organization where the lifecycle of a document has to traverse to multiple branches or companies, it is necessary to have a common platform where all the involved departments can have access to the concerned data and can perform their task in the concerned life-cycle.

This reduces the hassles related to collaboration through emails.

Customized Workflow Creation

For organization with a more complex document life, this is the ideal solution, as the administrator can define the path of the document and automate the task without depending on the developers. With the help of a workflow designer, attached with every module, the administrator can create multiple related workflows, resorting to simple drag and drop techniques without any technical knowledge.

Advanced Search

Advanced search permits a more complex and filtrated, property specific searching option rather than by mere file names. In case the user forgets the name of the file he is looking for, he can filter and retrieve documents on the basis of other meta data, such as date of creation, name of the uploader or creator, extension, file size etc. This plug-in would also enable fast document search by important keywords present in the content of readable files such as PDFs, word files, PPT and Excel sheets.