Customization of Features

Features of Document Management System

You might be happy with your legacy document management and collaboration methods, which may be in the form of mail servers or drives. But does that really cater to the requirement of document management? Does that produce an automatized system where the involved personnel gets an automatic task notification of his delegated tasks? A separate notofication for his pending tasks? For all that, the manager has to either has to make separate task his in the BPM or project management system, or communicate through mails.

i-doc is the only software, addressing the requirement of automatizing the document oriented workflow for smaller and medium sized organization, so that apart from general viewing and sharing, you may also involve the software in other productive purpose such as creating task notification and document workflow creation, so that the entire lifecycle of the document is addressed with ease.

i-doc document management system is a user friendly affordable software that can be used on any platform, device and browser. Therefore, even when you are physically away from the office, you can access the system from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, irrespective of its operating system or browser.

Unlike other document management system, i-doc is less expensive, easy to deploy and can be integrated easily with your legacy hardware system.

It is backed by a range of features that enables faster collaboration, customized document workflow creation, document versioning record management and document management.