CSR activities

Corporate and Social Responsibilities

CSR activities

We analyze how our activities and lifestyle influence the nature, be it in a good way or bad. We identify the prime responsibilities of mankind to conserve the gifts of nature; not abuse the rich natural resources and adopt practices supporting best interest of the nature. We also recognize the importance of reciprocating to various issues and causes, as none of us are indispensable from the society. Being an organization and a social entity comprising of zealous and enthusiastic individuals, we join hands with various NGOs, lending them financial and executory support.

Conservation of Energy

Saving paper

Saving paper: We practice duplex printing, reuse and recycle papers. This is a small step to avoid wastage of papers and conservation of energy. We also ensure resorting more on digital replications of hard copies than the hard copy themselves, to save productivity and time, while being responsible towards the cause of conservation of nature.

Saving Electricity

Saving Electricity: We use solar photovoltaic appliances for all pantry activities as this form of energy is less costly, non-exhaustible and most importantly non-polluting and non-hazardous while generating energy. We check the overuse of servers, network, storage equipment and UPS as a part of our green computing initiative. Even the usage of ACs are centrally controlled.

Banning non-biodegradable materials

Banning non-biodegradable materials: Materials like plastics, polybags are totally banned within office premises. The official gift bags are made of recycled papers.

We have also collaborated with Green Sustainable Technologies Research Limited, a Section 25 company under the Govt. Of India Act 1956. Branded as GreenTech, this organization acts as our consultant in implementing and popularizing alternate sources of energy, instead of conventional fuel energy.

Social Service

We installed an off-grid solar photovoltaic system and gifted fourteen portable solar lanterns to Antyoday Anath Ashram, an orphanage situated in Paushi, near Contai, East Midnapur where there was no reach of electricity.

The orphanage is self funded by a localite who sponsors the education of the children in a local school. Like all remote villages, Paushi Village also lacks proper infrastructural set-up. The boarders used to face serious issues studying after sun-set with limited number of kerosene lamps. The portable solar lamps we donated, enabled the students to do their homework under proper lights after the dusk, while charging them up regularly in the bright sunlight during the day while they are off to school.

SOS Children's Villages take action for children as an independent non-governmental social organization. It is an NGO that provides alternate family care to children who are either orphan or, are deprived of family care. Each family in the village consists of a foster mother and a few wards nurtured by her. Every year, Somnetics sponsors the education of two children in the village.

Blood donation Camp

Giving blood is quick, easy and it saves lives. Team Somnetics participated in a blood donation camp at Tata Medical Hospital, on 29th July 2017. Our employees helped save lives and it was a huge contentment to them.