i-doc on Cloud

No Investment for Premise Deployment

Cloud Hosted DMS

Who can use i-doc on Cloud?

Small and medium organizations can deploy i-doc on Cloud: Organizations with poor IT infrastructure can resort to this model. We, the vendors take the entire responsibility of running the software hosted on cloud as a SAAS model.

No maintenance hassles of hardware and networking from your side. It is the Vendor who are responsible for any type of hardware breakdown.

Shift to OPEX model with no capital investment: All you pay for, is the operational cost of cloud hosting, while the rest is taken care by us.

You Get:

Reduces TCO for organizations running on smaller budget
Saves monetary expenditure pertained to IT
Better Business agility and mobility
Better global footprints with central accessibility and searchability
Can be run in desktop, laptops, mobiles and tablets
Tightens regulatory compliant governance
Better reliability of business continuity and disaster recovery
Automatic SDLC management
Fast implementation of changes across all platform
No investment on maintenance, server OS or Database software licensing