Leadership in Scanning & Digitization

A Decade of Leadership in Digitization

In a market where 40% of the Scanning and Digitization projects either fail or are abandoned midway, this document will explain, why India's oldest and first branded 'Managed Scanning and Digitization Service' (MSDS) has been working for its Customers with an unbelievable 99% success rate since 2007.

Top 10 reasons - Why Somnetics is different from the crowd.



Somnetics MSDS is considered as one of the finest top line service in India and abroad when it comes to delivery of business critical service of digitization.



We were an early entrant in 2007, when most organizations did not even know about these technologies or markets. That gave us a very rich experience of successfully managing hundreds of ECM/MSDS projects. Recently, we crossed the mark of 500 million documents to be digitized and a few billion of meta indexes to be managed. This has been an extraordinary achievement not only in soils of India but also at a global level.


Quality, Security & Delivery Management

Somnetics is the only ECM Organization in the country to be simultaneously certified by ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001-2013 (Information Security Management System) & ISO 20000-1:2011 (IT Service Management System). All these mean that you are working with one the finest organizations in the world who understands the value of quality, information security and delivery.


Success Rate

While the low success rates in ECM projects remains a big challenge in global landscape, we claim our success rates to be as high as 99% and are ready to substantiate this high and tall claim with documentary evidence.


DNA of a Consultant

We mean serious business. Before undertaking any ECM business we analyze the entire project from the point of view of a consultant. Our team analyzes the process, the risks and the gaps that what our customers might be experiencing. These inputs not only increase our successful deliveries but also mitigate the customers from future challenges and business risks.


Software Backbone

Our ECM/MSDS projects are driven by a digital workflow which keeps track of batch processing, scanning specifications, data entry and quality.
In addition to this, the entire project team is assisted by world class software developers, who provide assistance in case of automating a challenging process.


Private Cloud

Somnetics is the first ECM Company in India to press a highly secure private cloud for remote image processing, data capture and analytics. This is a disruptive technology and adds high security and efficiency to the operation.


A stickler for Timeframes

We are very serious about our delivery timelines. Regular project audit and team collaboration keep the projects on track. Our success rate ratifies it.


Widest span of Service

Our MSDS service can digitize practically anything from papers, files, books, bound registers, drawings, maps, microfilms, film negatives, medical films, audio tapes, video tapes, 3D objects to, zoological, geological and botanical specimens, collections from museum, paintings etc.



Such wide area of offerings and high success rates would not have been possible without some massive investment in equipments, process and people.We own an extensive amount of high speed scanners, book digitizers, wide format digitizers, microfilm scanners, medical film scanners, lighting systems, servers, network equipments, secured storage servers, software, and image processing tools to achieve whatever has been narrated in this statement.
Besides this, we also have thoroughbred professionals working in our 3-tier delivery teams. Somnetics MSDS is a uniformed service.